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  • AGE: 19
  • HEIGHT: 5'2"
  • WEIGHT: 120
  • BODY BUILD: Petite
  • HAIR COLOR: Blond
  • EYES: Blue
At first glance Eva seemed like a sweet, innocent, blonde haired and blue-eyed girl from the Midwest who might not have known what she was getting herself into when she got on set. I couldn't have been more wrong, although I doubt I'm the first she's fooled with those delicate features and adorably blushed cheeks! In truth, she's not just a petite cutie with a killer booty, she's a sexual Swiss Army knife with a mean kinky streak!

She always shows up on set with an outfit for every occasion and knows precisely what energy to bring to a scene to get exactly what she wants out of each and every guy. She's also an incredibly dynamic and genuine performer who knows that the path to full blown ecstasy often starts slowly and gently, and once those initial nerves have been assuaged she really knows how to bring the passion! Hair-pulling, spanking, spitting, swallowing - I've yet to come across something she's afraid of doing and our guys are constantly finding themselves discovering something they didn't even know they were into when we started rolling.

There's something particularly alluring about a girl who knows just what buttons to press, and Eva fits that description like a dominatrix's leather glove!

Episodes Featuring Eva:

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16:08 Minutes & 20 Photos

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18:54 Minutes & 16 Photos

Dane And Eva Share Liam

18:20 Minutes & 15 Photos

Liam Cucks & Fucks Adriano

17:30 Minutes & 20 Photos

Dane Dicks Dylan & Eva

19:13 Minutes & 17 Photos

Chris Gets Cucked & Fucked

19:31 Minutes & 15 Photos

Eva And Dylan Switch It Up

20:00 Minutes & 20 Photos

Jax & Eva Cuck Rocky

16:33 Minutes & 17 Photos

Chris And Eva Share Jordan

18:46 Minutes & 21 Photos

Bi-Sexing Dylan

16:39 Minutes & 17 Photos

Rocky Fucks Eva & Dane

19:50 Minutes & 21 Photos

Dylan & Eva Share Liam

20:52 Minutes & 19 Photos

Dylan & Eva Tease Rocky

25:20 Minutes & 21 Photos
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