Blindfolding Cameron

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Blindfolding Cameron

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Added: February 8, 2024 | Video Length: 23:46 Minutes


As Cort, Olivia and Cameron sit on the bed, Cameron says he's feeling open to new experiences. Cort tells him he "has something for him." Olivia takes charge and instructs the guys in what to do. Cameron and Olivia remove Cort's shirt before going to work kissing Cameron's naked chest. Cort and Olivia make out while Cameron strips completely. The guys make out while Olivia unzips Cort's jeans, then removes her denim shorts. Cameron and Olivia lay Cort back against the mattress and kiss up and down his torso.

Cameron eagerly swallows Cort's cock. Cort tells Olivia to remove some more of her clothes. Cameron attempts to deep throat Cort's entire dick but gags. Olivia sits on Cort's face, allowing him to lap her pussy. Cameron strokes Cort and again attempts to deep throat him, then takes both of Cort's balls into his mouth. Cort's dick is now fully erect. Olivia leans forward to watch Cameron and then gets into the deep throating herself. She tells Cameron to watch how easily she downs his hard cock. Cameron watches and strokes himself. Cort continues to eat her pussy. At Olivia's instruction, Cameron attempts to deep throat Cort again. While he takes the shaft about 90% of the way, Olivia pushes him aside and takes the entire shaft down her throat until her nose is pressing against Cort's balls.

"Til you can't breathe because your nose is buried in his sack," Olivia explains. "It's not all the way down." Cameron tries to deep throat Cort again, but Olivia is not satisfied. She makes Cameron to lie down on his belly and straddles him. She removes her shirt and uses it as a blindfold to mask Cameron as Cort 's cock bobs above Cameron's butt crack. Cort positions himself behind Olivia and she bends forward to take his cock into her pussy, with Cameron laying beneath her. Cort pushes his dick deep inside Olivia. Cort and Olivia fuck as Cameron lies blindfolded beneath them, feeling their motion above his ass. Olivia sticks a finger into Cameron's mouth as she gets fucked from behind. Cort picks up the pace and pounds her.

Olivia tells the blindfolded Cameron to get up on his knees. Using him like a piece of furniture, Olivia sits on top of him while taking Cort's dick into her. She lays against Cameron's back as she is getting fucked. She strokes Cameron's dick with one hand as she watches Cort drive his cock deep into her. . "I think it is time he takes your dick," Olivia decides. Cort quickly blindsides Cameron by moving and shoving his cock deep into his open mouth. Cort presses Cameron's head down onto his shaft, making him gag again. Relaxing, he deep throats Cort's cock this way, and gets fully erect. Olivia explores explore Cameron's asshole. She spits on it and lubes it up with one finger while Cameron sucks Cort. Olivia makes Cameron spit into her hand to use as lube for his own ass.

Cort slides his cock into Cameron's luscious ass. He nails Cameron deep with his hard dick. The guys switch positions. With the still-blindfolded Cameron laying on his back, Cort plunges back inside. Olivia holds Cameron's legs up so Cort can drive deep into him. Cort plays with Olivia's tits while he bangs his buddy. Cameron's balls tighten up just before he shoots a load of hot cum onto his abs. Pumping his own dick with a tight grip, Cort stands and shoots thick loads onto Cameron's feet. "That is so fucking sexy," blindfolded Cameron says. "I can't see it but I can feel it." Cort taps his cock against Cameron's feet, dripping out the last strings of cum, then moves to kiss both Cameron and Olivia.

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