Breaking In Blane

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Breaking In Blane

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Added: February 16, 2024 | Video Length: 25:04 Minutes | Photos: 18 Photos


Blane admits he has never been in a bi situation before. Ashley and Zeb promise to take good care of Blane. The two guys kiss Ashley, who is sandwiched between them. Ashley lifts and removes Blane's shirt, and kisses his pecs and abs. Zeb and Blane quickly remove Ashley's bra,and kiss her breasts. Ashley fondles each of the guys through their jeans. Both guys loosen their belts and unzip their flies. At Ashley's instruction, all three of them remove their jeans.

Ashley is sandwiched between the two guys. She lays down between them. Blane removes her panties as Zeb sticks his cock into Ashley's waiting mouth. She sucks on it as Zeb fondles her tits. Blane plays with his own hard cock while he eats her out, jacking the first few inches of his dick as he gets rock hard. Blane positions himself to fuck her. He presses the tip of his cock against her pussy and watches as he enters her. Ashley sucks Zeb's hard dick. Zeb fingers her clit as Blane fucks her. Blane picks up the pace and intensity. Zeb watches as Blane fucks her hard with a rigid cock. Blane withdraws and Zeb grabs hold of his buddy's dick, pumping it a few times before pressing it back into Ashley. Blane goes back to drilling her powerfully.

The threesome swaps positions. Zeb crawls beneath Ashley so he can watch Blane slide his dick into her. Zeb eats her out briefly, then watches up-close as Blane re-inserts his hard cock into Ashley. Ashley fills her mouth with Zeb's dick. Blane withdraws his dick from her and Zeb takes it into his mouth. Zeb pumps it with one hand while he sucks, and then Blane takes it back to fuck Ashley. She strokes Zeb's dick with one hand while being banged from behind. Again, Blane pulls out and stuffs his cock into Zeb's open mouth. "Are you ready to fuck your first asshole?" Ashley asks Blane, as Zeb gets onto all-fours beside her. Blane fucks Ashley and then moves over to press his hard cock into Zeb's asshole. Ashley kisses Zeb as he gets fucked by Blane from behind. Blane gets into the rhythm and drills Zeb harder, doggy-style. Ashley kisses Blane while he fucks Zeb - both of them watching Blane's hard dick sink deep into his buddy's ass.

"God, your fucking ass is so tight," Blane tells him. Zeb pulls on his own hard dick. At Ashley's instruction, Blane fucks Zeb even harder, pounding him with strong slapping thrusts from behind. Zeb turns over onto his back, and Blane pushes his hard dick into him missionary-style. Zeb jerks his own cock while getting stuffed by Blane's dick. Ashley and Blane kiss as Zeb strokes himself, about to explode. "I'm gonna cum," Zeb exclaims, and unloads a series of creamy shots all over his abs and chest. Blane continues to fuck him hard, before pulling out and shooting streams of cum all over Zeb. Blane pumps the remaining load onto Zeb's still-hard cock, and Zeb grabs hold of Blane's stiff dick to stroke out the last drops. Blane leans forward and kisses Zeb, and both guys continue to stroke their cocks as all three look at Zeb's cum-drenched chest and cock.

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